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12-3-2020 14:52:30  #11

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

Ok,now  I have no idea what that piece of leather is for.  I looked closer, and the keybars come to rest on this green rubber thing,


12-3-2020 15:14:10  #12

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

Well, I can help you out !  The leather strip (replaced with a rubbery plastic on later models - I just checked the one I have here) is the upper stop for the keylevers.  The keylevers are the parts that the keytops on the keyboard are attached to.  When you take your finger off the keytop after pressing it down to type a character, the keylever returns to its original position.  To stop it clattering, it contacts the leather strip as it reaches the top of its stroke.  The strip should be glued to a metal bar above and behind the keyboard.  If you turn the machine on its back and peer underneath with a torch (flashlight if you are American) you should be able to work out where the leather strip came from.


12-3-2020 15:33:54  #13

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

Ahhh...I see where it goes, but I'm not sure I could get up in there to fasten it to the metal bar, and I don't know what would be a good method. It looks like I would have to "thread" it in from the side, and make sure it is lined up. It's pretty stiff, and I don't think it would cooperate very much with that. 

I really don't notice any loud clacking, so I may just leave it off, and put it away just in case I find an easy way to do it. 

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