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20-3-2020 06:05:47  #1

Wider paper sizes, sanity

I KNOW its time to call it a night, its late, I've been writing all day, I'm tired and I've had too much coffee today and my judgement and perception of reality seem to be fading... You see I double or sometimes triple space to facilitate editing. That works very well for me, except I fill up my 8 1/2 x 11 pages too quickly doing that, it seems I have to keep changing paper too often and it is a little annoying. but I'm sitting here looking at my machine, which has 12" of usable platen, and thinking is there maybe a wider size? But it all needs to fit in my filing cabinets, which are 12" tall. A weird, bizzare image comes to mind, and its square...
I better go to bed before I break something in my brain. Square paper. I must be going daffy. Daffier. Or I could get a machine with elite type and get a few words in edgewise.


20-3-2020 10:53:17  #2

Re: Wider paper sizes, sanity

If having to change sheets is a chore you could always start using 500 foot rolls of plotter paper.

Frequent page changes is one of the reasons I do most of my writing on an Olympia SG1. Once you're used to using a paper injector it's very difficult to go back to a standard typewriter that lacks this feature.

Stay Safe! 

20-3-2020 12:14:04  #3

Re: Wider paper sizes, sanity

Hi Trevor

You're not the only one who likes wide paper, I'll occasionally type up a letter on 11" x 17" paper just for the fun of it, quarter fold it and tuck it into a booklet (9⅝" x 5⅞") envelope for mailing to family or friends. If you're looking for plain 20lb (75 g/m²) paper, Staples item # 190450 is a 500 sheet pack of 11" x 17" (ledger size) paper for about $13.00 USD. Hope this helps to points you in the right direction. All the best,



24-3-2020 17:56:00  #4

Re: Wider paper sizes, sanity

I knew very little about the SG1 typewriter until now. I see a lot of posts and things about it, it must be very popular. I had never heard of a paper injector before. I didn't know what the SG1 looked like until I looked it up just now, it is a BEAUTIFUL machine. I had been picturing for some reason a great massive electric thing looking like a Selectric.  looking up the SG1 quickly just now I can clearly see why its so popular. I was feeling sort of silly with that paper post, it was very, very late... The problem is that my filing cabinet is only 12" tall in each drawer, 13" wide. I have what a lot of people like to call a "tiny" home, about 200 sq ft, I am always looking out for a larger one but I don't think they make weird sized filing cabinets and there is very little space in here. The filing cabinet is a key part of my system and its within reach of my desk. I should take some pictures of this desk I've made, out of scrap and re-used lumber, with two levels, one 29" with drawers from an old metal desk, its used mostly as a work desk with all my tools and stuff-- my other hobby is collecting Sturmey Archer old British internal hub gears and parts and paraphernalia. Pretty obscure hobby, but people like weird things... There is a small vice for holding the bike hubs by the flats on the axles and doing other things, Its an incredible useful thing. The lower part of the desk is about 25" tall and for the typewriter. I can reach the typewriter from my couch/ bed (a futon) so if I'm sitting on the couch with my cat and think of something I can type without getting up, and even in the middle of the night from my bed. That might not be a healthy thing...I forgot the point. Oh yeah I want to build a better filing cabinet, it would be a lovely project, I've built everything in here with reused lumber, and in the crawlspace of my mother's house are some beautiful rough-sawn cedar boards. my grandfather owned this house, he was a logger, and stashed these beautiful boards all over. They are very pretty, even though theyve been down there for 40 years. Cedar, it resists rot and insects. I'll use them to build a filing cabinet, with drawers either 17" wide or tall. And next project is to get my KMM-14 working. I'm having trouble with the spring drum, I think somethings broken. I WILL FIND IT AND I WILL FIX IT. otherwise it's a lovely typewriter. Just a massive thing, but that SG1? Has anybody ever weighed one? It looks like a very big, serious machine. Anyway the KMM has smaller type. All my machines except The Noiseless 10 have elite type. This whole thing is probably one of those things where there isn't really a problem at all, but I'm creating one, probably because subconsciously I enjoy building things. Speaking of taking pictures, today I'm going to go get the Fox out of storage. I don't NEED it here, it doesn't fully function (drawband and spring drum problems, including a small piece, rhe crescent-shaped pawl on the drum ratchet wheel, for some reason, is not there, but itherwise it looks complete). Another massive typewriter (it has the pretty metal cover) in a 200 sq ft house. I'll take a bunch of pictures and put it in the TWDB. If I CAN.... Washington state is as of yesterday evening on lockdown. Storage isn't far though and I'm not interacting with anybody or being in a public place. I am so anxious to get that thing home... About the virus, I just got off the phone with my doctor, he said that social distancing is THE key to this. He was very frustrated at how too many people are not taking this seriously. As I write this I'm looking out the window at some neighbors drinking beers together at the fire pit. My doctor sounded very grim, but until I spoke with him today,  I thought that this was going to destroy humanity just like the plague did. He is certain that there will be a vaccine, and not terribly long off, but that we would essentially have to vaccine everybody on the planet. He said it is probably with us to stay, exactly like the flu is. this is so much more virulent and deadly than the flu but is essentially the same thing. He said if most of the population is vaccinated, or a good deal of us, then that will be effective, but its here to stay. We MUST practice social distancing for now and a long time, probably years. I hope not but I think this lockdown situation will last a lot longer than a few weeks, or months. But we will be able to deal with this in the end, if we keep our heads. My father was from England, and there is (WAS) a sort of national identity from their experience in the war, of cheeful fighting stoicism, I take a lot of comfort in that. Off-topic, but everything is these days. I think, therefore I TYPE, and rant and babble and-- CARRY ON

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