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28-3-2020 15:28:47  #1

Broken SF escapement

=14pxI recently purchased (luckily very cheap) an Olympia SF that I could tell immediately was going to present a major challenge. The carriage would basically not move if the escapement was engaged. Given the design of this machine, I really needed to remove the carriage in order to see what was going on with the escapement. What I found was very unusual and disappointing. The escarpment wheel would in fact not turn at all. I tried lubrication to no avail and just couldn't figure out why it wasn't budging. I then decided to unscrew it to see if there was just a bunch of gunk underneath. As I turned the screw, I noticed that it would alternate between turning easily and becoming very difficult to turn every half turn. When I got it out I realized why; the screw itself was badly bent! i assume this means this carriage must have taken quite a blow at some point during shipping. I was wondering if anyone is able to spare that escapement screw from a parts only machine? Otherwise I'm afraid mine will become nothing more than a paper weight.

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29-3-2020 03:51:56  #2

Re: Broken SF escapement

Dear Mfurst, Where are you located ?  I am in England but may be able to help you with that screw.


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