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07-4-2020 08:52:13  #1

Remington 150 standard

Good morning,

I found this typewriter on web. It's  a Remington 150, however I couldn't find more information. It looks like a recent model (perhaps from the 70/80s). Is it an original Remington model or a rebranded?


07-4-2020 10:22:28  #2

Re: Remington 150 standard

That is by far the widest range of decimal tabs I have seen yet and I would buy it just for that. Some other interesting keys on this international keyboard, too.
Can't answer your question, though. Why does it matter?


07-4-2020 13:58:27  #3

Re: Remington 150 standard

I have never seen one of these before, but I can tell you that it is definitely a Remington product.  The linespace and segment are pure Remington Super-Riter.  Which country did you see it in (on the net) ?  The extending paper rest looks like a copy of the Olympia one.  Remington were selling a re-branded Olympia SGE50 office electric in the late 1970s, as the Remington 100E, so maybe that was where the inspiration for the paper rest came from !


07-4-2020 14:59:56  #4

Re: Remington 150 standard

I'd guess a late-'70s/early-'80s unit, either a successor to the 100M, or produced concurrently as a model with more features.

thetypewriterman wrote:

... paper rest looks like a copy of the Olympia one.  Remington were selling a re-branded Olympia SGE50 office electric in the late 1970s...

It looks like they borrowed the saddle-shaped margin stops from the SG3 too. Then there was the International (at least I think it was that model) with the paper injector lever that looked like it was lifted from a SG1. 

I have to echo Michael's sentiment; I'd buy it just for the decimal tabulator, and because it's a late model standard.

07-4-2020 16:45:20  #5

Re: Remington 150 standard

That photo is taken from the web; they offered me the exact same typewriter, with Italian keyboard, NOS, packed. In Italy I had never seen a modern Remington typewriter. Will it be built in America? Will it be a quality typewriter?

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07-4-2020 18:41:29  #6

Re: Remington 150 standard

Will it cost money?


07-4-2020 19:56:17  #7

Re: Remington 150 standard

You should request a photo of the actual typewriter to see what you're getting. Based on their description I wouldn't assume that it has the decimal tabulator as is shown in the photo you pulled off the web. As for where it was made, that should might become evident from the photos they send you. You could also ask the seller to look for a "Made in …" stamp on the machine. It's my understanding that some of the late model Remington manual standards were made in the Netherlands and in Italy.

08-4-2020 10:04:04  #8

Re: Remington 150 standard

The cost is 50 euros.

Yes, the typewriter have the same tabulator show in the pic.

Thanks for your reply.

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