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10-4-2020 07:30:56  #1

Torpedo 18b - tab brake?

Hello all - I am having trouble with the tab mechanism on a Torpedo 18b, and I believe it to be an issue with the tab brake. When the tab is engaged, the carriage moves but then comes to a slow halt after about an inch. I have located what I think is the tab brake, which is held within a starwheel set above the main starwheel. Working properly, I think this system operates by having the tab starwheel stop when the tab is engaged, making the containing tab brake stationary while the main starwheel continues to turn below it at a slightly slower speed, having come under the slight friction of the tab brake. However, in my machine when the brake tab starwheel is engaged and comes to a stop, the main starwheel also grinds to a halt when it should continue turning under the tension of the carriage (there is plenty of tension on the draw band).

I've tried cleaning with mineral spirit and flushing out the space between the tab brake and the main starwheel beneath it, using a very small screwdriver to gently pry up the tab brake and squirting mineral spirit and compressed air between the two. This helps but only temporarily. I was thinking of putting a drop of fine machine oil between the tab brake and main starwheel but wanted to look here for advice from people who might know the Torpedo 18b better than I.


03-5-2020 06:53:15  #2

Re: Torpedo 18b - tab brake?

I'm not familiar with the Torpedo but this sounds like behavior comparable to a Letters 32 I have. The culprit in that case was that the carriage was not able to transit smoothly because of old oil on the tracks. The main spring would drive the carriage a short distance and then friction would bring it to a halt. After a few washouts and a touch of gun oil it began working quite smoothly. Hope this helps


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