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11-4-2020 15:30:20  #1

1927 Woodstock 5N Ribbon Pedestal with frozen shaft mechanism

Currently working on my 1927 Woodstock 5N (N160302) on which the right ribbon shaft is frozen up.  I have removed the ribbon pedestal from the machine and the reverse trigger and the spool catch spring mechanism appear to be functioning normally.  I have been soaking the mechanism for days with several different penetrants but have not been able to free up the shaft.  The pedestal appears to be composed of two pieces (the base and spool cup) but I have also not been able to separate those.  I have noted that the pedestal base is rusted at the bottom, and if it is a two piece assembly, assume that the rust has frozen up the seam.  
Does anyone have experience with this issue?  I would appreciate any suggestions as I wanted to stay away from heating the component if at all avoidable.  I have photos if needed. 
Thank you


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