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26-4-2020 17:45:08  #1

how rare is a 1955 Silent Super Cursive.

I just recently acquired a 1955 Smith Corona Silent Super Cursive Typewriter.  It's in excellent mechanical condition, but has some paint blemishes on some of the covers.  I also just picked up a 1954 Smith Corona Silent Super Pica, in near mint condition.  Plan to swap out parts to make a near mint cursive model.  Was wondering exactly how rare these typewriters are? and their value?


27-4-2020 12:34:42  #2

Re: how rare is a 1955 Silent Super Cursive.

Few mass produced typewriters are actually rare, and I wouldn't consider a '55 Silent-Super - even with a script typeface - to be one of them.

What are they worth? It depends on the buyer. I wouldn't pay anything more for a script typeface than I would for a more common typeface, but there are buyers who think it's something special and would pay more. What you can get can depends on your local market (availability and average prices), or if you're willing to ship, what they're currently selling for on places like eBay.

In a nutshell, there isn't a global blue book for typewriter pricing. I've seen extremely interesting machines sell for next to nothing, and ridiculously common models sell for a small fortune. It all boils down to how smart they buyer is. You can ask the moon, and even while most will laugh at the price, someone out there might just give it to you.

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