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22-2-2020 20:58:23  #1

Type but carraige does not advance

I have a Royale typewriter where when i press a key, it types but most of the time does not advance to the next character position. If i hit the key hard, some do advance. The left keys seem more likely to work.

I opened it to take a look. I found a piece that moves forward when u press a key and it shifts 1 character when this happens. I forget which piece it is that shifts or else what do i need to adjust??



22-2-2020 22:42:31  #2

Re: Type but carraige does not advance

It may be more of a cleaning issue than an adjustment issue. Gunk bad.  Clean good.
Clean first, then see if adjustments are needed.


01-5-2020 09:44:15  #3

Re: Type but carraige does not advance

I finally got around to opening the typewriter. What i found is that every key pulls a bar. This bar pulls another bar which moves a piece which has 2 "stoppers". These stoppers are offset and whenthe stopper moves, it advances 1 space. Maybe the first bar kinda bent in so that the stopper does not move far enough. i bent the bar in a little and now it moves enough and the keys advance enough now.
While i fixed 1 part, i found another problem - the tension coil slips so that it doesn't build enough tension to pull the carraige when i get near the right side of the paper. :-( Being this means removeing a bar to get to the coil, i didn't feel up to it.

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01-5-2020 21:59:24  #4

Re: Type but carraige does not advance


Picture # 1 doesn't work, but looking at picture # 2, I'm inclined to think this unit is missing a part of the carriage tension system. Look at the mainspring drum and you'll see what looks like a small gear wheel with curved teeth. I think there should have been a worm gear on a shaft that ran through the hole to the right of the gear and engages with that gear to increase or decrease the draw band tension.

I realize that I'm comparing my rather dirty portable QDL to what is evidently a standard machine, but I feel the two mechanisms should be similar.

Who knows, I may be right out to lunch here. but that little gear was the first thing I noticed. Hope this helps,


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02-5-2020 10:06:40  #5

Re: Type but carraige does not advance

On mine the problem is that as the coil builds up tension, it slips so i would have to take it apart and wind it up again. To make it better, there is a major part that sits in front of mine so i didn't feel like going that far.
I am sure the coil is like weed trimmer and i need to secure what the coil is hooked to.
Being i have the wide carraige, i tried if i put the paper far left (most tension)  it has enough tension to move when i his the keys. if i put the paper middle or farther right, the coil is not strong enough.
I am keeping this typewriter kinda like the car collector - it runs but they never drive it. Being I don't plan to type anything on it, I would be happy if it worked flawlessly but better works pretty go to not work at all.

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03-5-2020 03:32:28  #6

Re: Type but carraige does not advance

I have an unfortunate feeling that the mainspring might be broken, but you will only be able to tell for sure once you have the spring drum apart.  If you are really lucky, it might just be unhooked.


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