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19-5-2020 14:03:25  #1

Selectric Mag Card II

For anyone interested in what the guts of a Selectric Mag Card II looks like, here’s a photo gallery I found (not my photos):

I saw a site where it was stated that the only part of a Selectric that was electrical was the motor and everything else was pure mechanical. He probably never met one of these babies. In fact, the typewriter won’t work without the pedestal — the keyboard does not interface to the print mechanism.

My own Mag Card is currently partially disassembled while I clean and lube it.  Still need to source a belt for the escapement drive.



19-5-2020 14:29:34  #2

Re: Selectric Mag Card II

That sounds like something I said but if so, it's not an accurate quote. Many newcomers assume an IBM thing must be electronic, but it makes a big difference in typewriters, so I try to clarify things. And I do so by pointing out that most Selectrics, the common ones, the early ones, the office ones, are mechanical, and only some of the later developments for relatively unusual applications have some or a lot of electronics. Not the ones we are finding at yard sales and will have to work on or "repair".

But let's not get into a discussion of which ones are which. Although the proportion of mechanical to electronic that were produced over the whole life of the Selectric line would be interesting to know.


21-5-2020 22:25:42  #3

Re: Selectric Mag Card II

[size=100][size=125]Took me a while, but I found the page I was talking about:

The IBM Selectric Typewriter, introduced in 1961, is one of the most important mechanical[/size] inventions of the Twentieth Century. It is, indeed, all mechanical; an electric motor is used only to turn one shaft, and its function can be taken over by a hand crank (and is, during repair procedures). It may be the last major invention that doesn't use any form of electrical control.”

I wasn’t trying to imply anything, and indeed the author may have known of the Mag Card.  Just saying, a blanket statement isn’t necessarily always so.

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21-5-2020 22:28:01  #4

Re: Selectric Mag Card II

Ugh, sorry about the formatting. Editing is weird on an iPad.

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