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01-6-2020 12:40:34  #1741

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Laurenz van Gaalen wrote:

Do you know why the body design is so different from the other models in the series (J2 and J4 / Gabriele 10 and 25)?

When I look at the J5 I see a design that Triumph was using for its other portables at the time (it looks like a larger-sized Triumph Contessa).

Triumph and Adler began their merger in 1958 and design influences would have crossed over; however, I suspect it also has to do with their year of manufacture - and that Adler would have wanted to differentiate the J5 as being a premium model.

My J3 is from 1963. Your Gabi25 is likely a late '60s/early '70s model. My J5 is from 1971.

In other words, the J5 is a much newer model generation than my J3. It would be interesting to know when your Gabi was made to determine if it's from a generation that precedes the J5.


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01-6-2020 14:23:40  #1742

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

This is what (I think) I know.

The J3 is the same as the Gabriele 3 from Triumph, it is the last carriage shift model.

My Gabriele 25 is also from 1971. It is mechanically the same machine as your J5. The differences are the body design and the features. The J5 has a extendible paper support with a scale on it, plastic card holder and touch control.

Before the J5 / Gabriele 35 it was more straight forward. Adler offered the Gabriele 10, 20 and 30 (I don't know the American names). They look all the same, like my Gabriele 25. At some point they renamed the models to 10, 25 and 35 and changend the body of the 35. Presumably as you suggested to differentiate the machine as their premium model.

I am glad Germans are better in building the machines than naming them...


02-6-2020 12:53:19  #1743

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Now a Royal KMG is on the way. 31lb package! Supposedly it will be packed well and labeled fragile. Hopefully it will arrive in good shape with nothing bent or broken. I love the color of the KMG when they are cleaned, and I've wanted a standard size machine since I started this obsession just a few months ago.
Once I finish this thesis and all my final assignments, I have a bunch of typewriters to clean as a reward to myself.

Phil Forrest


22-6-2020 00:03:23  #1744

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Goodwill and ebay strike again. This time with a(nother) Smith-Corona Skyriter, a very early one, all green keys. Purchased from the son of the original owner. It's complete and in amazing condition.
The second (and probably last for a while) is an Olympia SF, one of the angular bodies.
Less than $70 for both of these. I'm done buying for a while. I'm going to sit down and write.
Phil Forrest


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