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05-6-2020 07:17:43  #1

How to remove a paint stain

Hello all,

does anyone know how I can remove paint stains from my Erika S?
The image below shows one of them, it is the small yellow dot in the middle of the picture.




05-6-2020 12:48:42  #2

Re: How to remove a paint stain

Lau, I find that very often a distinct dot like that can be easily chipped off with a fingernail and will leave no mark. They seem to have been half-dry by the time they hit and do not adhere well at all, though they can't be simply brushed away. Perhaps a wooden stick if you're squeamish about using a body part, but I have tried that and get better results with a fingernail. If it does leave a mark, it can be polished out or waxed over. Let us know if it works for you.

I would also distinguish this from an actual stain, which merges with the underlying surface or even changes it chemically and is nearly impossible to remove, though they can sometimes be lessened. Stains cannot be buffed out with abrasives.


05-6-2020 15:12:46  #3

Re: How to remove a paint stain

Thanks Michael, it worked. Both with a fingernail and with a wooden stick. It needed quite some force, but I managed to remove all spots without damaging the paintwork. Lau

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