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11-6-2020 14:29:33  #1

1959 Remington Travel-Riter ribbon guides not moving

The ribbon guide moves up to type but only partially down, so the ribbon doesn't advance and you can't see what you just typed. It almost feels like I lost a spring that would do that but I don't see one missing? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!


20-6-2020 23:22:36  #2

Re: 1959 Remington Travel-Riter ribbon guides not moving

Hi Nick

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, been really busy with work. Going from my 1957 Remington Travel-Riter S/N TR214734, it looks like there is only one return spring for the entire ribbon advance and lift mechanism. This spring is located on the front left corner of the machine (follow straw down).

This spring is at the very end of the row of return springs for the letters. Find the Q return spring, then there's one empty hook and the ribbon mechanism spring. Another link to check is just in front of the right rear foot, there's an opening with a lever and a link.

Move the lever forward and the ribbon lift should rise, move it back and the lift should drop. This link is also connected to the universal bar that runs just underneath all the letter key levers. If the spring is present, you may have a binding linkage somewhere. Hope this helps,



25-6-2020 19:59:12  #3

Re: 1959 Remington Travel-Riter ribbon guides not moving

Thanks I checked all those, and you know what I figured it out was? I had put on a plastic replacement ribbon spool and it just slid on the metal ones that are already there. Even though the replacement spool said it would work, I really just needed to thread the ribbon on the original spools. Fixed. Now I have to figure out why it jumps between single and double space, and my platen is so hard it doesn't hold the paper. But it's fun to tackle the problems. Thanks for the help!

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