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18-5-2020 16:02:56  #1

WTB: Royal 440 parts

Hello, I am in need of some parts for my typewriter, mostly cosmetic ones, specifically keys and buttons. Here the list:

Tab Set button
Tab Clear button
Plastic cover for the touch control
Plastic cover for the ribbon color control
Keytops for the letters E, T, U, I, O, P, S, F, G, L, V, B, N, M and semicolon/colon
Royal standard ribbon spools (the old metallic ones preferably)

Thank you on advance.


20-6-2020 15:38:07  #2

Re: WTB: Royal 440 parts

I have acquired a pair of metallic ribbon spools.
I also need a pica 13" paper lock scale for a Royal Standard.The little rolls are not necessary as I have a pair.

I will keep this parts list updated, consider it active until I comment that I have acquired all the parts I need. 

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