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01-7-2020 15:10:15  #1

How rare is the Imperial 50 War Finish?

Hello all,

Someone gave me this interesting standard (see images below) Some parts of the machine are still in great shape, others are damaged or missing. Apart from one type arm that does not move, everything seems to work. Because I have never seen such a machine, I think it is hard to find a parts machine. Because of this, I am not sure if I want to restore this machine. Before I do anything stupid, is this a rare typewriter? I want to know, because if it's rare and I deceide not to keep it, it would be a great parts machine (or project) for someone else.



01-7-2020 16:25:42  #2

Re: How rare is the Imperial 50 War Finish?

Not desperately rare in England, but interesting nevertheless.  Your machine would be from near the end of the war when supplies of nickel and chrome had all but run out.  Sometimes these typewriters were 'modernised' after the war with shiny bits, since they look so miserable with their chemically-blacked parts.  If you want to restore it, I could probably help you with spare parts.  I certainly have the missing spools and platen knob.


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Re: How rare is the Imperial 50 War Finish?

Thank you, it's good to know you can help me with spare parts.

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Re: How rare is the Imperial 50 War Finish?

And also thanks for the background info, very interesting!

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