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01-8-2020 09:32:36  #1

Adler Tippa 1969 carriage shift.

Hi all, I'm not sure how many members frequent the forum these days, and this is my first posting regarding maintenance.
I recently purchased an Adler Tippa, carriage shift, with cursive script (which is why I purchased the machine). The machine had been dropped, with the main damage being the paper release levers as well as the carriage release levers. I correct these easily enough, as well as the toothed rail being out of line.
After having succeeded in the machine typing well, the carriage still floats on it's rails, loose enough to over ride the carriage lock lever.
I don't see any way of adjusting the rails to tighten it up. The frame which the carriage sits upon which slides on the rails appears to be quite hard, and impervious to bending.

Donor machines providing an undamaged carriage are not readily available in West Australia.
I am hoping to find the solution to this conundrum.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Other than that, stay safe all.

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01-8-2020 11:42:02  #2

Re: Adler Tippa 1969 carriage shift.

Hi zoom,

To tighten the rails follow the steps below:

1. Remove the platen
2. Take out the part (below the platen) with the feedrollers
3. Remove the plastic carriage ends
4. Remove the paperbail and deflector plate
5. Remove the back of the carriage  (the part with the paper support)
6. Remove the part with the paperguide

Now you can see a series of screws which hold the front and back parts of the carriage clamped to the rails.
The screws used for the stops at the left and right of the carriage also keeps the carriage parts clamped.

7. Unscrew the screws a LITTLE so you can move the carriage parts toward each other
8. Move the carriage to the left and gentle tighten the parts
9. Fasten the left screws
10. Repeat for the right side.

Now it is important to test the carriage thoroughly. It should be as loose as possible, but it may not wobble on the rails.

A few notes: take a good look at the springs that hold the paper bail and deflector plate at their place, before disassembling. A picture may also be helpful.

When unscrewing the screws that clamp the carriage around the rails, the parts may become too loose. When this happens, the teethed rack that runs along the escapement may become entangled in the escapement.



01-8-2020 19:57:34  #3

Re: Adler Tippa 1969 carriage shift.

Wow, thank you Lau, such a fantastic description. I'll take a crack at that tomorrow, and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Thank you once again, and...
Stay safe.

'A nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square' (Anita O'day 1956)
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02-8-2020 02:47:42  #4

Re: Adler Tippa 1969 carriage shift.

Hi Laurenz,
all went well with the adjustment of the carriage rails, I'm so delighted, no need to wait for a donor machine.
Now I rest in comfort, knowing all of my machines work.
One further question if I may; The tops of the Capitals on this script machine are a bit light. Do you know if there is an adjustment to correct this?
Keep well,

'A nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square' (Anita O'day 1956)
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02-8-2020 09:27:06  #5

Re: Adler Tippa 1969 carriage shift.

Yes, you need to adjust the shift motion.


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