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09-7-2020 14:48:04  #1

(NLR) WTB: 1947 Royal QDL Platen Knob

Platen Knob - 1947 Royal QDLMy nextdoor 80-ish neighbor has a very nice black 1947 Royal Quiet Deluxe (SN A-1380596).  It is missing its right-side platen knob.I volunteers to clean it and tune it up for him...all fell into place, but the missing platen knob.  It has been in his family since 1947 and had sat in its case for the past 30-40 years  .If anyone has a black knob with the chrome color dot in the middle, please let me know.  I would like to buy a knob for his machine.    


09-7-2020 16:06:50  #2

Re: (NLR) WTB: 1947 Royal QDL Platen Knob

Here is what the platen knob looks like...I borrowed a photo off of an eBay sales ad :

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16-9-2020 19:21:24  #3

Re: (NLR) WTB: 1947 Royal QDL Platen Knob


Got an entire carriage assembly for the machine on Etsy for only $ 12.  Both knobs perfect,  nice carriage return lever and feed rollers and paper bail, etc.  All the stuff is now stored in my empty typewriter case.

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