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06-8-2014 02:22:03  #1

Typebars don't rest in typebasket

I recently rescued a typewriter from certain death, and have been trying to clean out the gummed up mechanics. The keys are sticky and don't strike the platen, and the typebars don't sit neatly on the typebasket.

At rest position, they look like this.

Will this problem clear up once the basket is properly cleaned out, or if the misalignment is because the wires that connect the various typebar leavers are pulled and stretched from abuse? Will greatly appreciate it if a kind stranger would lend an advice or two! Thank you. 



06-8-2014 15:31:02  #2

Re: Typebars don't rest in typebasket

In my experience with adjusting the repose position of type bars, it has almost always been an issue with bent linkages (the wire-type pieces connecting the levers together). It just takes a little patience and adjusting each one in small increments to get everything looking neat and tidy in the basket.

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06-8-2014 15:53:58  #3

Re: Typebars don't rest in typebasket

Check the keylever rest at the front of the machine above the keylever comb.  There may be sufficient dust and dirt in there to be holding some of the keylevers slightly down, enough to make the typebars sit up slightly in the segment as shown in your photo.


08-8-2014 02:02:08  #4

Re: Typebars don't rest in typebasket

Thank you, I will try them out. There's plenty of crud running out from the crevices, hopefully once that clears up, it will work! 

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