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15-10-2020 17:29:43  #11

Re: What makes a silent a silent?

My Silent Super...should be called Super Silent when you think about the "puny" sound end-of-line bell ring.


16-10-2020 09:53:32  #12

Re: What makes a silent a silent?

I own a Remington Quiet-riter (an excellent model I always loved for its history and peculiar period design)   and at the time Remington also manifactured the Travel-riter and the Office-riter, that should be respectively the same machine without tabulator and without soundproofing material .  While obviously not silent at all, the Quiet riter is indeed a quiet typewriter, quieter than my Studio 44 and also quieter than my  Olympia Splendid 33 (just to name two respected high-quality competitor I happen to have) .  The name is thus not undeserved, but clearly there was no real silent mechanical  typewriter, ever.  Really quiet writing  machines are the fruit of recent  technology, mostly digital page printing like laser or inkjet and the like.


16-10-2020 12:09:52  #13

Re: What makes a silent a silent?

Mostly digital page-printing, yes, but there are actual character-by-character typewriters using thermal technology that are even quieter than laser and inkjet page printers.

Nobody should be fooled or mislead by the labels of "Silent" and "Quiet" and "Noiseless" on mechanical typewriters; those were primarily marketing labels which, at best, reflected some additional attempts at sound damping over models not so labeled. They still make mechanical noise. Why people are scandalized or even surprised by this is a puzzle.

A bit easier to understand is the lack of awareness of the effects of age and storage conditions on rubber platens and the fact that they actually were quieter when they were new (both varieties, though). But now decades later, depending on conditions, you might easily find a Silent that makes more noise than one not so labeled. Noiseless are noticeably quieter but still not ghostly.

And so it goes....


Yesterday 10:02:13  #14

Re: What makes a silent a silent?

a Kurt Vonnegut fan? 

Stay Safe! 

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