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17-10-2020 06:32:59  #1

My '48 SC Clipper in the spotlight!

My husband has written a song, inspired by the global ongoing Covid crisis.
He wrote and sang the lyrics, played the instruments, did all the recording, mixing and montage, all by himself. And all in our living room
Took him more than six months, but here it is!
For the video clip he asked friends, coworkers, family members to dance or work out on the rhythm of the music.
Initially he wanted to make a short stop-motion video as an intro to the song, but in the end he decided that a typewriter is pretty much stop-motion in itself and that is how my Smith-Corona Clipper came to be in the clip!
Check it out here:


19-10-2020 09:51:48  #2

Re: My '48 SC Clipper in the spotlight!

Great tune!  Let me know when the full album is released!

21-10-2020 10:54:47  #3

Re: My '48 SC Clipper in the spotlight!

Haha, cool. Will do!
At this rate it might take a couple years though 

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