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10-8-2014 08:58:40  #1

Smith Corona Corsair - ideas on bottom plastic case removal.

Hello Everyone !
Before I break anything, I'd appreciate any advice on removing the Plastic Bottom Case to a Smith Corona Corsair (S/N 6Y480604).
I've found four mounting screws attaching the typewriter to the Bottom Case at:
     Right Front - near Red Tab button
     Left Front - near Shift/Shift Lock button
     Right Rear - near Right Platen knob
     Left Rear - near Left Platen knob
I've removed the screws;  the cover doesn't give and I don't want to pry too far.  Does any one know if there is something I'm missing?  I want to remove the bottom as there are some eraser remnants that need to be cleaned-out as well as some curious orange colored flakes.  I don't know yet, but my guess is they're Cheese-Its.


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