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21-5-2020 15:16:52  #1

Trans Europe Express

All roads lead back to the typewriter.

I've been immersing myself in the Kraftwerk catalogue since the recent death of Florian Schneider (one of the group's founders), and got to thinking about the Trans Europe Express (TEE). 

Down the rabbit hole I went.

I'm not a train guy, but I am admittedly fascinated by their designs, and in particular the streamliner models that to my eye are rolling artwork.

It was while doing a little reading about the TEE and its first-class features that I came across this:
"For business people there were private writing rooms with tri-lingual secretaries on hand that could send telegrams or make reservations ahead of time for when their passengers reached their destination." 

There was an accompanying image (below) of one such secretary, using what looks to be an Olympia SM3 (or 4). 

It's interesting (to me) that it was someone's job to ride trains every day, and spend their time on those trains typing out documents (on a portable!) for business travellers.

From this:

To this:

And finally a typewriter:

24-11-2020 18:22:43  #2

Re: Trans Europe Express

I made trips to Japan for work in the mid 1980's and I remember many portable typewriters for use with the patrons.  Nice way/sound to put one to sleep.


24-11-2020 18:23:51  #3

Re: Trans Europe Express

...on their bullet trains...


25-11-2020 13:44:46  #4

Re: Trans Europe Express

Interesting. I admit that I was a little surprised that bullet trains were already in use during the mid-'80s, but after looking up their history, was completely surprised that they first began to run twenty years before then.
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30-11-2020 12:47:24  #5

Re: Trans Europe Express

I'd swear that's Julie Andrews typing on that machine! Maybe 'The Sound of Music' script notes???

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the typewriter."

30-11-2020 16:47:04  #6

Re: Trans Europe Express

I'm sure the hills were alive with the sound of margin bells...
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02-12-2020 13:48:31  #7

Re: Trans Europe Express


"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the typewriter."

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