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20-1-2021 10:02:05  #1

Maroon Royal 10

Hi, I have a Maroon Royal 10 serial number 14-53813622 it is in very good condition (although the end of the number 42 typebar has broken off). I am struggling to find any photos of this machine in this colour.   cheers    Ted


21-1-2021 15:15:00  #2

Re: Maroon Royal 10

I'd suggest that you post a photo of your machine for reference (read the FAQ if you're not sure how to do that). Also, there's something not right with the serial number you posted: there are too many digits, and the 10 typically has a letter (or two letter) prefix before the serial number. Finally, the reason that you can't find photos of a maroon-coloured 10 is that your typewriter has more than likely been repainted at some point during its century-old history.

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