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20-1-2021 14:53:09  #11

Re: Olivetti 80 Lexikon

My Lexikon is equipped with a normal tabulator. When I use the tab button, the carriage moves one space beyond the tab position. If I set my first tab at 5 and use the tab button, the carriage move to 6. This is not what I am used to. Is this normal? Any thoughts about the matter?


21-1-2021 04:17:07  #12

Re: Olivetti 80 Lexikon

No, it should not do this.  If you set a tab. stop at '5', it should stop at '5', not ''6'.  The most likely explanation is that the tab. set finger is bent.


21-1-2021 05:19:58  #13

Re: Olivetti 80 Lexikon

Thanks. About the tab finger, that was my first thought too. However, it looked normal to me. I will take a second look at it, maybe I missed something.

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