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17-8-2014 12:45:37  #1

Underwood Portable - Shift motion issues/Type Alignment

Gave this typewriter a good clean up as much as possible, put in a fresh ribbion and it works fine... Except for the new 'C' slug and almost all of the upper case when typing.

First off, the 'C' was from another random scrap pieces off eBay. It was stated to be from a Underwood typewriter, and it matches my Underwood Portable in both the basket and type, except that it's layout is different and some numbers were replaced by fractions? The 'C' is numbered 12, and it's the exact match as the one in my Portable. Or so I though. It's slightly higher in the alignment. It's probably a mismatch, even though the parts match (PP designation on all too). Any suggestions?

Secondly, the type doesn't get registed fully onto the paper when typing in all capitals. No such issues with lower caps. It felt like the typewriter doesn't register some of the letters; ribbons doesn't advance, escapement doesn't advance etc, half 'inked' effect... Any suggestions?


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