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11-2-2021 16:03:50  #241

Re: SG Owners Club

And when it is mounted forward-facing (i.e. correct position), it stops at about a 55-60 degree angle in its full up position :


11-2-2021 18:15:19  #242

Re: SG Owners Club

Mounted as intended, mine lies back at 34° measured. (O, those magical phones!) I'm not going to switch it around again, so I don't know if the two mountings are different, but it's different from both of yours. I note the mount point isn't particularly strong, so I'm going to suggest that one or both of ours are bent a little. I'm glad you got yours working; it's a nice feature.


14-2-2021 08:46:36  #243

Re: SG Owners Club

On Olympia SG1's with a wide carriage, do the serial numbers of the carriage ever match the serial number of the frames ?

My machine frame is SN 7-6622xx but the 12" wide carriage is SN 8-6832xx.

Does my differing SN on the carriage mean it was ordered later and placed on my machine in the past ?


14-2-2021 12:54:07  #244

Re: SG Owners Club

I have (or maybe had) an SG1 or SG3 with matching numbers on the frame and carriage, but I don't think it means anything in particular. They might have left the factory that way, or maybe sometimes not, in order to fill a certain order, but I don't think you can infer anything definite or definitive about the way we find them now. I have switched carriages and then forgotten about it, so what would that mean to a future owner? Some business got typewriters and then additional carriages for certain uses. Repairs, too.

The main use of serial numbers is warranty claims, inventory control, and ID of stolen items. It is of more concern in authenticating automobiles and firearms, where parts were not intended to be swapped and where it might reveal seller chicanery. Our main current use is determining date of manufacture. If one has matching numbers on separate parts, it is just an interesting occurrence, like finding consecutive serial numbers on eBay purchases eight years apart.


14-2-2021 16:38:40  #245

Re: SG Owners Club

This previous topic discussed SG1 serial numbers, and whether or not they should match.
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14-2-2021 16:47:07  #246

Re: SG Owners Club

Thanks, Uwe !


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