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07-3-2021 07:19:54  #1

Odd Triumph Matura typeslug

Does anybody know why there is a dash on top of the T typeslug?


07-3-2021 15:22:25  #2

Re: Odd Triumph Matura typeslug

Yes, it is a type aligning prism - used when the entire type-basket is being soldered in a jig during production.  Usually the whole basket has these - it is unusual to see it on only one typeface.  Perhaps this particular one is a later replacement ?


07-3-2021 15:45:13  #3

Re: Odd Triumph Matura typeslug

Thanks for the explanation. I think it is indeed a replacement. I also think the N typebar was replaced, it looks different from all the others.

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07-3-2021 17:35:48  #4

Re: Odd Triumph Matura typeslug

I believe it's an indicator to the slug's age. It seems to me that Triumph primarily used RaRo slugs, and earlier RaRo slugs, for example those from the '20s to the '50s, did not have the prism feature. However, RaRo slugs from the 60s onward did. I know of at least one foundry that offered both by the late '50s, so all of these years I'm throwing around are approximations. Of course it's possible that I'm wrong about all of this, but this is the premise I've used up to now.

08-3-2021 02:56:02  #5

Re: Odd Triumph Matura typeslug

Thanks, nice to know.

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