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18-8-2014 16:57:50  #1

Silver Reed 500 / I need help

This is my second typewriter. The first one was an AEG, I don't know which model. I had really tough problems with it. Finally it stoped working. So I got this one about two months ago. I'm happy with it so far.

The problem appeared two weeks ago. When I try to write an uppercase letter ribbon gets out from the vibrator. I thought the old ribbon caused that so I've changed it, situation is still the same. Please help me. I'm not ready for another typewriter dissappointment


19-8-2014 11:19:35  #2

Re: Silver Reed 500 / I need help

Believe it or not, most ribbons in the typewriters I buy were incorrectly installed by the previous owner. If the ribbon doesn't follow the correct path through the vibrator it can cause problems. Is there any way that you can post a photo or two of how you've currently installed the ribbon?


20-8-2014 07:33:50  #3

Re: Silver Reed 500 / I need help

Here's the pictures. I hope it will help. Thank you by the way Uwe.

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20-8-2014 10:04:54  #4

Re: Silver Reed 500 / I need help

The ribbon has been incorrectly threaded through the vibrator. You need to reverse its path through the posts. In other words, it should pass in front of those two brackets that are split in the middle, and BEHIND those post that are currently behind the ribbon. Hope that makes sense.

By the way, if you go to the FAQ topic in the Type Talk sub-forum you'll find instructions on how to put a photo in your post. It's very simple and that way people don't have to click on a link to go to another website to see the photo you're talking about. 


20-8-2014 10:10:46  #5

Re: Silver Reed 500 / I need help

Thank you very much Uwe. It's been very helpful.

And I'll be careful about photos next time, thanks again

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21-8-2014 09:14:43  #6

Re: Silver Reed 500 / I need help

How about posting a few photos and a type sample of your machine in the Portables sub-forum? I'd love to see more of that orange case!


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