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21-8-2014 13:23:33  #1

Remington type 5 with sticking carriage

Hello all you typewriter gurus! My first post here!
I've recently invested in a Remington type 5 'portable' 1940 typewriter. It's lovely, and I paid peanuts for it.
However, the carriage sticks frequently. For the first 15 characters the carriage must be moved by hand, the carriage doesn't move by its own accord. It also happens at a few other points as well along the page but not as bad.
I've tried a thorough service with 3 in 1 oil and an old toothbrush, to no effect. From what I've read, it can be a broken string, or spring, or that the travel lock is engaged. The travel lock is disengaged, the string looks intact and the spring is definitely working. Can anyone recommend where to go next please?
Many thanks in advance.


21-8-2014 17:23:36  #2

Re: Remington type 5 with sticking carriage

If a carriage lock was engaged it wouldn't move at all, so you can rule that out. Similarly, if the drawband (string) is broken the carriage wouldn't move at all by pressing on the keys. Cross that off the list too. 

You dind't mention which parts you oiled, but keep in mind that you should always clean parts before oiling them. If they're already full of congealed oil or dirt fresh oil isn't going to help that much.

There are two things that I'd look at first:
1. Is there enough tension on the drawband from the drawband drum? Not enough tension would result in a poorly moving carriage.
2. Are there any issues with the carrige mounting components like the rails. Heavy dirt in there would cause a sluggish carriage.

Use the carriage release button and move the carriage back and forth by hand. Does it feel the same throughout its movement range, or get tight, and then loose again. These are clues to potential problems. 

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