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30-3-2021 02:42:47  #1

1938 Empire Baby Deluxe (Hermes Baby Featherweight)

I was fortunate to snag this beautiful Hermes Baby clone a few months ago. It appears to be a specialized model made especially for the medical field--I imagine for doctors and pharmacists, since it has keys for printing prescription symbols.

When I got it, the soundproofing felt was utterly nasty with mold. I stripped that out and replaced it, and now the machine smells and works just fine.

I really enjoy using this little guy, but it still has one problem: The tension between the paper rest and platen is not tight enough, and I can't figure out how to adjust it. Left the way it is, the alignment of the letters lurches up and down like a drunken sailor I type. To counteract this, I used twist ties to hold back the paper rest and create sufficient tension so that the machine types straight across.

There must be some better, more permanent way to fix this. Any ideas? (And, yes, I'll post photos as soon as I can--it's a pretty cool machine.)


30-3-2021 17:15:18  #2

Re: 1938 Empire Baby Deluxe (Hermes Baby Featherweight)

I rolled on a couple viton O rings on each bail roller. Works great.
Phil Forrest


30-3-2021 22:19:06  #3

Re: 1938 Empire Baby Deluxe (Hermes Baby Featherweight)

Ha! Well, that answers it right there--my machine doesn't even have rollers on the paper bail. Seems like you've pinpointed the origin of the problem! Thanks!

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31-3-2021 01:57:31  #4

Re: 1938 Empire Baby Deluxe (Hermes Baby Featherweight)

Actually, Phil, that doesn't answer the question. I just checked the TWDB, and every photo I can find of this particular model shows a paper bail with no rollers.

So there has to be some other way that this machine maintains tension. 

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