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31-3-2021 00:20:48  #1

1970s Adler Tippa silencer spring repair

I have a 1970s Adler Tippa that makes an awful ratcheting noise when the carriage is returned. Closer inspection revealed that the silencer spring is dislodged from its proper place, so it's no longer silencing the escapement mechanism.

Does anybody have any idea how to get to the escapement mechanism in these machines? Do I have to take the carriage off? And if so, how? I've looked for info on this specific to these machines and so far come up with nothing useful.

Thanks in advance!


31-3-2021 03:39:47  #2

Re: 1970s Adler Tippa silencer spring repair

Hi kancil,

I have only experience the round body models built in the sixties and early seventies. Having said that, on these typewriters you can get better access to some parts of the escapement by removing the platen. To do so, unscrew the platen knobs.

The escapment is screwed upon the bottom of the carriage, for complete access you have to remove the carriage.
This involves three steps:

1) Remove the body
2) Disconnect the ribbon vibrator and backspace linkages on the right side of the machine (unscrew the big screw that keeps the various parts together)
3) Disconnect the carriage (unscrew multiple screws on the shift pivot points on both sides of the carriage)

When putting the carriage back, make sure to connect the margin release linkage (on the left side next to the spring motor).

Tip: take some pictures from certain parts before taking the machine apart. This may become handy when putting everything back.



31-3-2021 23:17:58  #3

Re: 1970s Adler Tippa silencer spring repair

Wow, thanks! I'll give that a shot this weekend!

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