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06-4-2021 18:35:32  #11

Re: Inexpensive Desk Alternatives



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Re: Inexpensive Desk Alternatives

This actually works great for my little Webster XL-747, but its not sturdy enough for my full size Royal FP. I need absolutely perfect technique or it skips, and the instability of this table makes perfect technique perfectly impossible. But it should work great for others with less finicky machines.

overwood wrote:

I picked this up at Walmart for $12. Its light and portable and the right size/height. However...its way too wobbly. It has thick rubber bushings in the rivets where it pivots that I'm pretty sure are the culprit. I wonder if its worth ruining it to see if cutting those stupid rivets out and replacing them with bushing-free bolts would do the trick.


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Re: Inexpensive Desk Alternatives

overwood wrote:

Do you modify it to make it more stable? I want to use it with my new FB, which is a heavy beast.

I would not put any standard on one of these. As a matter of fact, I only use them for my Olympia SF DeLuxe now, but I wouldn't have a problem putting another small portable on it, like a Royalite or Olivetti Lettera. I think my Smith-Corona Silent would probably make the whole tray skate across the floor. 
What I want to do is dismantle the whole thing and use it for a pattern which would put a little more width between the legs and allow a larger tabletop, just by a couple inches, enough to hold a coffee cup. I'd use good quality hardwood though, like walnut or oak, not the pine or ash (or balsa? :D) that those are made of.
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