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03-4-2021 13:13:54  #21

Re: Key-Top Character...????

Well the Facit T2 is now in its new home after a travel of some ~ 3,200 miles from NB-Canda to my home in Idaho-USA.

I worked with the seller and gave her lots of tips for secure packing of such a large and somewhat heavy machine.  She even sent me packing progress photos and asked for any improvements or changes I thought should be made.

It came through its east-to-west coast travels without any mishaps and nothing broke and all works as it should.

Spring clean ups and plantings in my garden have me busy for a few days...but once I get the T2 cleaned up, oiled, and a new ribbon installed, I will take some photos to show my Swedish family of typewriters.  This will be my 4th. Swedish machine and I think I am sated.  Makes me want to drive another Volvo...from the 1980's or early 1990's.


06-4-2021 21:38:08  #22

Re: Key-Top Character...????

My new-to-me Facit T2 Standard is home and cleaned & polished up, lightly oiled, and new ribbon added.

It travelled over 3,200 miles to my home with out a hick-up. Seller and I worked on secure packing and they sent me packing progress photos and gave me a chance to suggest improvements.

It has a 15" wide carriage and is fast and so smooth with its tube/bearing carriage rail system.

Based on its serial number, it comes from 1969 or possibly 1970. It does not have a paper injector feature like on the Olympia SG1. If the Facit had that, I would probably like it a bit more than my SG1.

With 2 levers on the bottom panel at both sides, the entire carriage lifts off/on in a snap for cleaning and easier repair work.

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