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09-4-2021 17:18:58  #11

Re: Platen recovering Canada

brozzy wrote:

Does the lack of suggestions mean there are NO tradesmen who will recover a platen in Canada?

It's likely that there isn't enough demand in Canada to make it worthwhile for someone to offer the service. Between the use of rubber rejuvenator and good backing sheets I've managed just fine without a local platen service, and even then, the number of machines that I own that would merit the substantial cost of sending a platen off to be resurfaced is rather small. I'm also not sure I would risk having the platen from one of those machines being 'lost' by a postal service.

18-4-2021 10:15:58  #12

Re: Platen recovering Canada

I received a box from justonecable and rather than two cans of BlowOff I got two cans of MaxPro rubber rejuvenator.  As far as I can tell, they are the same product, correct?


18-4-2021 12:24:52  #13

Re: Platen recovering Canada

I believe I have read that they are the same product somewhere on this forum.


18-4-2021 13:27:42  #14

Re: Platen recovering Canada

Yes, same stuff.

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