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23-4-2021 07:34:53  #1

Bent Carriage Return Lever

I just got a Coronet and the carriage return must be bent slightly down, such that when the carriage is over to the right, the lever rubs slightly on the cover.  Duane at Phoenix has a video of him gently reefing on the lever upwards to fix this, but my efforts have failed.  Any other suggestions besides using brute force?


24-4-2021 08:31:59  #2

Re: Bent Carriage Return Lever

Probably time to look at taking off the lever and reforming it on the work bench.


24-4-2021 17:42:42  #3

Re: Bent Carriage Return Lever

Thanks Pete, I tried again but I don't have the hand strength of Duane.  Now to figure out how to remove the lever.

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