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06-5-2021 12:29:23  #11

Re: In-Coming Consul 1511 (Deluxe)...

A "Made in" label in a travel case does not determine where the typewriter itself was manufactured, especially not when those cases were outsourced by the typewriter manufacturer. Sometimes, even a typewriter's case (shell) could be manufactured in a different country from the rest of the machine and have a different "Made in" stamp, albeit out of sight on the inside of the case. 

I believe that early Commodores were imported, private label models before the company found it more advantageous to assemble the typewriters from imported parts instead. This is a game that is still often played today, which is why some countries now have laws that specify a percentage of locally manufactured parts before the "Made in" your own country claim can be used.

The serial number on the Commodore (Speedwriter) that you owned is not low, nor did it have (I assume) the "Made in Czechoslovaki" stamp that was common on 15-series models at the time. If I had to guess - and that's what I am doing here - I would lean toward it being a hybrid of some sort, either partially or fully assembled in Toronto. 

Regardless, the point of my previous post was to clarify what a Speedwriter is, and that differences in its performance characteristics when compared to a Consul counterpart could be attributed to the fact that two different companies were involved with the Speedwriter's production as opposed to just one company with the Consul.

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Re: In-Coming Consul 1511 (Deluxe)...

My Consul 1511 came with its original 9-page Instruction Guide.

I scanned and sent to Richard Polt and he has now placed it on his web site for free access and download :

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13-5-2021 15:29:51  #13

Re: In-Coming Consul 1511 (Deluxe)...

Busy with Spring gardening work...finally got under the hood of my new Consul.

Some previous owner thought using a full tube of graphite heavy-grease was a splendid idea.

Might make a machine glide like silk...but boy that stuff is awful to work around and try to get off and cleaned up.  Cleaning...Part No. 2 tomorrow.

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