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22-5-2021 11:23:57  #21

Re: Font Name ? Facit 1620

Pete E. wrote:

My only regret toward Facit machines is that they seemingly never came out with a manual ultra-portable....
I think once I find/bring a nice Facit T1 into my home, my Swedish grouping will be complete.
Phil...I am there with you.  Facit seems to fit me better than my Olympias ...which I love, dearly, too...

Pete, I agree wholeheartedly. A Facit portable in the spirit of an Olympia SF Deluxe would have been amazing. 

Phil Forrest


22-5-2021 15:01:49  #22

Re: Font Name ? Facit 1620

Pete E. wrote:

Regarding the 1820 and the others that came after the 1620; from photos of the newer machines, it seems possible that the tube & bearing carriage transport system may have been dropped for a more traditional carriage rail system.

But I am not 100% sure of I have not had the newer models in my hands.

Maybe other Members, here, know, for sure.

It seems that way, but since it’s an electric, it really doesn’t make a difference. The electric carriage return on the 1820 is very fast, so whatever they did, it clearly worked out. 


Learned watchmaker and office machine enthusiast from Germany.


25-5-2021 15:31:52  #23

Re: Font Name ? Facit 1620

Phil, if the Swedish folks at Facit had pursued such a machine, I am sure they would have shoe-horned some Tab functions into the design.  Maybe those fixed, factory Tab positions that could not be cleared or changed.  Opportunity lost, IMHO.

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