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02-6-2021 19:38:19  #1

Olympia Traveller - 1970

This "made-up" machine with its orange paint had caught my eye on a retailer's web site.  But the ribbon cover with its "Traveller Deluxe" badge did not match a machine which is just a "Traveller" without any ribbon color selector feature.

So I decided to hunt-down a "Olympia" from 1970 that does have the ribbon color selector feature.

When it is here at my home, I will paint the ribbon cover a nice orange color and even change the Olympia basket-ball emblem to a nice bright Hunter green color.



03-6-2021 12:27:39  #2

Re: Olympia Traveller - 1970

Plus I wanted a Traveller that was still made in West Germany.

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