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15-6-2021 06:48:51  #1

Voss ST32

Hello all

So I have had my hands on a fair share of typewriters. Never had one that I couldn't identify.
Until now, and it's killing me... (almost).
Why can't I seem to find the serial number on my new Voss ST32? Am I blind? First Voss though, so haven't seen one up close before. Anyone with a little help?



15-6-2021 07:42:06  #2

Re: Voss ST32

Move the carriage over and look down and around the end-of-line bell.  Usually a nameplate with SN in that area.


15-6-2021 07:47:11  #3

Re: Voss ST32

If you do not have one, here is a User Manual for the Voss SDT-32. 

Similar to your machine, ST-32, but with the added decimal tabulator.  But I think much of the User Manual still applies to your machine.


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