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02-5-2021 13:25:59  #1

Finished my Facit TP1

I just got my Facit TP1 back together after having the platen re-covered by J.J. Short. I have to say, this machine is extraordinary. Yes, the carriage is very smooth and any ratcheting of the escapement is almost silent (that could be my hearing as well...) It types so well and I'm very impressed. The whole machine looks over-engineered by a madman, but it all works very well. 
Along with this machine, my Remington-Rand Noiseless Portable Model 7, Corona 4, and Olympia SF Deluxe all got new platen rubber. The Noiseless is amazing to write on and is now less noisy than it was before. Platens are on the way back, in the mail for the Corona and Olympia. 
I'm rambling, but have to reiterate how great the Facit feels. Can't wait to sit and do some early morning before-work writing with the Facit.
Phil Forrest


06-5-2021 23:12:33  #2

Re: Finished my Facit TP1

I spoke too soon about the Facit being done BUT, now it is. I had typed out a letter to a friend of mine and noticed an intermittent line space error, where single spacing would usually give a double space, double space would act correctly and triple space would space correctly as well. Took it apart twice this morning and the mechanism was pretty immaculate, as far as cleaning was concerned. I noticed a rub mark on the line ratchet pawl shaft which engages the cam that sets the spacing. It wasn't worn down so much as polished where the metal had been contacting. Anyway, the problem is that the cam was releasing the ratchet pawl too soon and needed a few thousandths of an inch more in order for the pawl to not engage the the platen's toothed wheel too soon. I tried wrapping a couple layers of copper foil on the shaft but it wouldn't stick and I couldn't get it flat enough. I found that a very thin gauge spring provided enough wire thickness to add the extra space in the pawl shaft so I clipped a tiny amount of spring, placed it on the shaft, put the whole thing back together and the line spacing is great. I also had found that I was having a problem with the end of line lock, which simply needed to be cleaned and is not working perfectly.
So THIS is probably now my favorite machine to type on, and if not that it comes in a very close second. The keys are absolutely perfect feeling for the fingertips and that's where it starts. The action is snappy and confident, not as fast as my SM9 but also quieter and those keys feel better. It's just a great typewriter with everything I want in a typewriter and nothing superfluous. The new platen from J. J. Short makes this an incredible machine to write on. I'm sold on Facits and maybe I'll find a TP2 or 1620, then after I buy a house, I'll have to start looking for one of the standards like Pete E's T2. 
Now I need to have some thoughts. So I can write.
Phil Forrest

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22-6-2021 14:27:30  #3

Re: Finished my Facit TP1

Hi Phil,

Glad it all came together for you.

BTW...did you even post up a photo or two of your TP1 ?  Does it have the green-colored key-tops ?


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