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09-7-2021 14:28:49  #1

Why Three (3) Margin Stops...?

On my new-to-me Facit 1840 electric typewriter, there are three (3) margin stops. 

Left and right ones do what they normally do on any machine.

Does anyone know what the middle margin stop is intended to do ?

I do not have a user-manual that I can find could use some help...


09-7-2021 16:01:49  #2

Re: Why Three (3) Margin Stops...?

If the machine is equipped with two left-hand margin stops, the outer stop (at extreme left) cannot be passed. Use it if you want to type subheadings in the left-hand margin. The other (inner) margin stop is the main stop. To pass it, depress the margin release key.


09-7-2021 17:01:42  #3

Re: Why Three (3) Margin Stops...?

Hi M. Höhne, as you mention.  Thanks for your inputs.

I think the middle Margin stop can be used to set up a 2-column format for typing up...let's say as in a newsletter, etc.

Originally the middle stop was not catching on to anything along its travels but with a little observation from me and gentle reforming and it working correctly.

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