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Royal FP Repairs

Hi! I'm fairly new to typewriters, but I've always wanted one. I recently found a Royal FP at a local thrift store that seemed to be in good condition (albeit very sticky) for $9.00. After some de-sticking and dusting I noticed the type guide doesn't pop up like I assume it should when I press the keys. Is something broken, or could I be loading the ribbon incorrectly? Also, if I'm looking at the right place, the serial number is FPE-13-6801043, but I'm not getting any results for it on The Typewriter Database. Is there another way to pinpoint when it was made? Thanks.

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Re: Royal FP Repairs

I love the FP, which is why I own three of them! 

Based on the serial number, your machine is a 1959 model. Here's how the number breaks down:
FP = model type
E   = elite typeset
13 = 13 inch carriage
6801043 = serial number

As for the problem that you're experiencing, I assume you mean that the vibrator which holds the ribbon isn't moving? There are two simple things you can try for a start: Make sure the ribbon colour selector is swtiched to either black or red, and not white (that's the stencil setting), and if it still isn't working, then try to gently lift the vibrator straight up to determine whether or not its jammed. Dirt and other contaminants can prevent the vibrator from moving, so make sure its clean along with all of the other parts in its system.

Ribbon colour selector:
Vibrator with correct ribbon path:

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Re: Royal FP Repairs

Thanks so much! Works like a charm now.

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