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16-8-2021 14:44:39  #1

Facit 1730 Standard?

Does anyone have any experience with the Facit 1730 standard?  If so, I would love to hear your impressions.  TWDB only has a handful of pictures, and seems to currently list the 1730 (incorrectly?) as an electric, when it is in fact a manual.



16-8-2021 18:01:55  #2

Re: Facit 1730 Standard?

I don't own a 1730, but do have the T2 that it replaced, and based on my experience with it, if I ever come across a 1730 locally I wouldn't hesitate to buy it (assuming of course that the price was reasonable). I'm not so much a fan of the Facit portables from the 1730's era, but I'd be surprised if the standard wasn't every bit as good as the T2.


17-8-2021 06:51:50  #3

Re: Facit 1730 Standard?

Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Uwe.  I have located one locally for $40, and based on your thoughts I have arranged a look-see early next week to assess its condition.  I will  post my impressions here if I do bring it home.

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17-8-2021 07:11:04  #4

Re: Facit 1730 Standard?

A WAG here on my part, but I think the 1730 is a "transitional" manual machine taking much from the later  T2 and then using a new carriage design which shows up later on the electrics such as the big 1820 and the bit smaller 1840/1845 machines.  This new carriage design abandoned the tube/bearing carriage rail system.  Last time you see that tube-bearing system is on the ET3 machine....which is an electrified T2.


22-8-2021 10:50:29  #5

Re: Facit 1730 Standard?

Update: decided against purchasing this 1730 based on its extremely poor condition.  Too bad, looks like it could be a great typer if in better shape.

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