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03-8-2021 19:09:52  #1

Metal Spools For Facit Portables...

If anyone is looking for metal spools (DIN2103) for Facit portable typewriters, this eBay seller can sell them to you.

(I am not affiliated with the seller).

For about $ 8.00 USD and some $ 4 in shipping, you get two (2) boxes of NOS Facit metal spools with nylon B&R ribbon.

So this means with one purchase of the 2 pack, you get a total of 4 metal spools and 2 - 18 yard long ribbons, nylon in black & red ink.

I order last week and got them yesterday.  The metal spools are brand new and Facit factory sealed.  The nylon ribbon is "fresh"...not dried out.  It leaves a nice crisp imprint, very visible (but not quite as dark as a silk ribbon provides).

Today I placed another order for two more will have enough metal spools for my Facit/Addo machines that still have plastic spools. 

Here is the eBay link :

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11-8-2021 08:07:36  #2

Re: Metal Spools For Facit Portables...

Update on eBay seller.

Looks like he might have gotten a bit of a rush of now his offerings at that price if for a 1-pack and not a they were offering originally.

Still a very good product if you machine is missing metal spools and needs a ribbon, too.

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16-8-2021 10:22:47  #3

Re: Metal Spools For Facit Portables...

It's also possible he just came to his senses: two sets of spools with ribbon for $8 USD is a super-bargain!


17-8-2021 08:19:59  #4

Re: Metal Spools For Facit Portables...

Yes...I would have purchased them even with no ribbon included. 

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