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28-7-2013 14:09:33  #1

Typewriter Repairs and Servicing in England

I really didn't join this forum to advertise my services (honest !) but Uwe tells me that it is OK to list my details here, since they might be of use to members.  I have been repairing typewriters since 1975 so can offer a lifetime of experience.  I operate a part-time repair business from home here in Luton, Bedfordshire, specialising in vintage and obsolete typewriters.  Customer post typewriters to me from all over the UK.  In some instances, I can even MAKE unobtainable spare parts !  I also sell typewriter ribbons by post.  I have a website with plenty of useful facts and information :

Telephone:  01582-453883

Advice is always free !


28-7-2013 21:00:15  #2

Re: Typewriter Repairs and Servicing in England

Nice site you have, and some useful tips there.

Question of the moment - I sometimes buy machines on EBay etc. that need to be posted internationally -
How is it best to instruct the seller to pack the machine to prevent damage in transit?  I usually jsut ask them to pack around the carriage so that it cannot move.


29-7-2013 16:59:05  #3

Re: Typewriter Repairs and Servicing in England

Well, I said that advice is always free !  Of course the pat answer is to say look at the packing instructions on my website, but for those who don't want to bother - I always ask the sender to immobilise the carriage with the carriage lock if there is one, and maybe use elastic bands to tie it down too.  A favourite trick of mine is to cut a cardboard quadrant to go into the type basket to hold the typebars down.  Masking tape across the spools stops them unwinding.  And a MINIMUM of two inches of bubblewrap or crushed newpaper balls top/bottom/front/back/both sides helps to prevent damage.  The acid test is to make sure you can't hear or feel the machine moving in its' box whern you shake it.  If you can shake it - the Post Office will break it !

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09-9-2021 15:27:51  #4

Re: Typewriter Repairs and Servicing in England

I have used Tom Lucas - Aka The Typewriter Man services in the past and always my go to for typewriter help. 


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