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20-9-2021 16:23:47  #1

Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

Does anyone have a Remington parts model almost any model will work I think, that can spare a set screw for the Right platen knob?  It is my understanding that Remington made their own screws and hardware screws are not compatible.  Or is there a source where they can be purchased?


22-9-2021 09:21:50  #2

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

You could also consider drilling out the existing screw hole a bit and re-tap it with a standard SAE or metric tap and use new over-sized set-screw.


22-9-2021 10:43:32  #3

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

If you have the other grub screw, take it out, measure the diameter and TPI. It's almost certainly a Whitworth thread measurement. Compare it at a hardware store thread to thread with SAE and if it's Whitworth, it will be very close, the only difference is the measurement of the apex of the thread. You can use a brass SAE screw with the same TPI but sand down the sharp threads to round them off and you have a passable Whitworth substitute. If you want to really create a grub screw, get your longer length SAE threaded rod or screw, cut it to the appropriate length, cut a groove for a flathead, then do your gentle sanding. Good luck.

Phil Forrest


22-9-2021 12:05:33  #4

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

Hi Martin

Meant to reply a couple of days ago, but got distracted. Find the serial number of this unit which should be stamped into the frame just in front of the left ribbon spool well. If the serial number has an EQR- prefix, the unit was built in Great Britain, so the threads will probably be BA (British Association) which are not compatible with any other threads. Although the BA threads are based on metric dimensions, the thread angle is 47.5º as opposed to 60º of imperial and metric threads. Hope this points you in the right direction. All the best,


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25-9-2021 07:02:20  #5

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

Sorry for this delayed response as my internet was down for 3 days (all my typewriters continued to perform though).   I know some Remington's were made in Scotland but mine is clearly made in the US.  Did Remington adopt the Whitworth screw on all their machines as a standard practice including US made one?

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25-9-2021 08:45:47  #6

Re: Remington Quiet-Riter set screw needed

It's not a definite, as this is my theory due to anecdotal evidence. The British Whitworth thread was in use across the globe and if you find a bicycle that's not Italian or French from before about 1960, it often has hardware which is Whitworth. Even many bicycles made in the USA used Whitworth threaded hardware. I've found that many of the fasteners on old typewriters happens to be or coincidentally fit, Whitworth. The one company I have found that seems to use USS thread throughout is Smith-Corona. Again, this is all anecdotal, and I'm an apprentice typewriter repairman, others here on the forum may have better knowledge of these specifics. 

Phil Forrest


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