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17-9-2021 18:48:21  #1

Typewriter Data Base issue

Does anyone else have trouble registering for this Data Base.  I'm supposed to get an email back from them to confirm my registration but never have received it.  I have made three attempts and there is no email address to to see if this situation can be corrected.   They did say that g-mail was not going to work but my email is ATT.


18-9-2021 04:51:05  #2

Re: Typewriter Data Base issue

TDB is funky, I couldn't register on it either. Ive just given up. The website makes it clear that it doesn't want me to sign up, so I wont. Im not gonna deal with this. 

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18-9-2021 06:51:40  #3

Re: Typewriter Data Base issue

I think the TWDB wants a registration only if you plan to add to the Owner's Gallery with photos of one's machines and to report your serial numbers. etc..

I have not registered but can use the TWDB as a reference, nevertheless.



18-9-2021 09:31:34  #4

Re: Typewriter Data Base issue

I just created an account there with no troubles at all, and I don't even want an account there.
I got the confirmation email, clicked on the link, entered my login info, and I'm in.   I used the random password generator because I couldn't find what their requirements are for passwords and that's a common reason to get rejected. 


20-9-2021 11:25:29  #5

Re: Typewriter Data Base issue

I had to do an online search for "ATT email" because I didn't know what that meant. I'm assuming that it's an AT&T email address?

It's possible that Ted is just busy and doesn't have time to screen applicants on a daily basis. It's also likely that he manually verifies applicants just like I do for this forum. And just like here, he probably gets dozens of spam/scam applicants every day.

You said that you made three attempts to register; how far apart were those attempts spread out? Applications in rapid succession are often a red flag, but there are a number of reasons why you haven't been able to register, and many of them can have to do with your user name/email address appearing suspicious. I would try again using a different email address.

It's an unfortunate reality of online life that the scum of the world have made things very difficult for those who run websites and forums. I have to filter through upwards of twenty applicants a day here and verify if they are legit, or just some loser who wants to ruin things for everyone else. Around 99 percent of those who register here are scammers/spammers of some kind, and although I try to be as thorough as possible about it, it is possible that over the years I have erroneously denied a few legitimate people because of suspicious user names or email addresses. 


20-9-2021 18:35:56  #6

Re: Typewriter Data Base issue

My approval was instantaneous. I'm sure it was automatic, not manual.



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