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31-8-2021 22:12:51  #1821

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

The darkroom is definitely on the table for the basement.
Phil Forrest


18-9-2021 13:45:27  #1822

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Maroon Olympia SM2 is inbound. I can't believe the price I paid for it (I was expecting $100 more.) The missus loves this color on the Smith-Corona 2C machines, but those are rare as hen's teeth and I've never seen one sell for less than $300. The Olympia is different but also a superb machine. The finish is crinkle paint, not gloss and I hope she enjoys the machine. I'll have to sell her on carriage shift, so this machine is going to be a full restoration, new platen rubber, new feet, new bushings, possibly new springs for the carriage shift, if I can't make that adjustment myself. I "adjusted" the spring which assists lifting the carriage of my Remington Noiseless Model 7 by bending the tab that the spring hooks to just a tad. That little bit lightened the shift feel. 
I've never been inside an SM2, but I know there are carriage dragging issues due to old rubber collapsing. Otherwise, from what I've read of the SM2 and SM3/4 they type wonderfully.
Phil Forrest


14-10-2021 20:56:58  #1823

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

My first Remington -- a Standard from 1956 -- showed up yesterday at my favorite thrift store. 
Spent the afternoon doing some light cleaning and installing a new ribbon, a unique experience given this machine's permanent spools. It types fine with great alignment. Next I'll have to fashion something for the missing  knobs on the tension and color selection levers. Looking for some 1/4-inch copper or aluminum rod.


15-10-2021 14:14:56  #1824

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I really like the Super-Riter. Remington plastic control knobs are notorious for falling off, but as you alluded to this model uses metal ones, which I've found don't tend to go missing as often. Anodized aluminum might add some pop to the office machine's dour colourway...
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