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24-10-2021 14:52:07  #1

Facit TP1 With Cursive-Script...

If any Member is looking for one...

( I am not affiliated with the sale...)

Asking ~ $ 185 with free shipping to the lower-48 States.  Will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii or out of the USA.

Case is not mentioned or shown, so probably does not have one.


24-10-2021 18:24:06  #2

Re: Facit TP1 With Cursive-Script...

That is awesome. I'm taking time off of buying typewriters, after having moved to a new house, bought a "new" (to me) car, and recently found the perfect  Smith-Corona Sterling for my little sister's birthday.
Thanks for posting that gem.

Phil Forrest


25-10-2021 17:50:00  #3

Re: Facit TP1 With Cursive-Script...

I stepped into the Facit rabbit-hole at the beginning of this year.  Now I have six (6) machines...Facits TP2, TP1, T1, 1620, 1840 (electric) and an ADDO 621.

I can see selling off my other 25+ machines...eventually...but I would take the Facits/ADDO to the old-folks home with me.

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