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04-11-2021 20:37:03  #1

WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon

Does anyone have and idea where I can find a dark brown or sepia colored ribbon for my Olympia SM4 typewriter?


05-11-2021 10:18:48  #3

Re: WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon

Hi FP+

If you are in the US, give Lanie Hurwitz a call (800) 250-7426 or visit his website Alternatively, see his eBay listing item #382830655691. You'll probably need to re-spool the ribbon onto your machine's spools, unless your machine takes the standard 2" spool with the 4mm center bore. Hope this points you in the right direction,


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05-11-2021 10:50:16  #4

Re: WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon


Thank you for the reference. His site looks like my kind of place.


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05-11-2021 19:26:18  #5

Re: WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon

Order placed with Lanie Hurwitz at Ribbons Unlimited.

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15-11-2021 14:47:40  #6

Re: WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon

I keep hoping Lanie will get Blue/Red ribbon in silk one day.  So far, not enough customer requests.


15-11-2021 14:49:21  #7

Re: WTB: Brown or Sepia Ribbon

UPS is supposed to be making my delivery today.

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