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08-1-2022 12:34:39  #1

Ideas for a local Type-in

Hello typewriter talkers, looking into hosting a Type-in.  I live in So Cal and over the years have not seen or heard of one in the area, so, I want to do it.  I have a community center to host the event and maybe a local copy shop to print up some flyers to post and digitally create for the various typewriter websites.  What are some things you liked and disliked at the type-in's you may have attended?  What expectations do you have for a type-in? Free to attend, and typewriters obviously, but things like finger food, guest speakers, typewriters for sale, networking, what were the things you found good and bad.  Were there contests on typing, a quick poem or very short story, give-aways to the winners give me some of your thoughts on the topic.  I look forward to your reply,


09-1-2022 15:11:33  #2

Re: Ideas for a local Type-in

I've only attended one 'type-in' and it wasn't a great experience. The event was organized by an individual who thought himself to be a typewriter expert (which he wasn't) and it was primarily a marketing event for the machines he had for sale - and to promote his so-called repair services. The typewriters themselves were run-of-the-mill models, and the friend who I attended with - also a collector - agreed the whole thing only had value for those who knew nothing about typewriters and enjoyed the novelty of pecking away on one for a few minutes.

I think he ran these type-ins on a monthly basis, but it didn't last very long; his typewriter sales and service business has long since vanished into the ether. 

If it was me, I would spend time finding and contacting all of the typewriter enthusiasts and collectors in my area before planning any type-in. I'd then start a group chat and then float the idea of holding events such as a type-in, perhaps one where everyone brought one or two machines from their collections that were not so common. With these people actively participating and promoting things, it would then be a good time to think about opening up such an event to the general public.

Of course all of this is moot given we're in the midst of a pandemic. I have no idea what the situation is like in your area, but there's no way such a gathering could take place right now - or the near future - in Toronto. Even if someone were to run against the grain and organize a type-in right now, I wonder how few people it would actually attract given the inherent risks involved. 


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Re: Ideas for a local Type-in

Thank you so much, and I think you hit the nail on the head.  I'm looking for others with my same interest in typewriters.  Creating a local group would be great and the idea of bringing your favorite typewriter to a meet and greet is a great idea.  I just need a starting point on my search for others in the So Cal area of Orange County.  My idea for a type-in was and is to meet others in our interest.  But sadly, and you mention it, this pandemic is making life very difficult for person to person meetings, but I could certainly try to make contact with others (some how) and establish a contact.  All I need are a couple of ways to make contact with people in my area.

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10-1-2022 10:20:36  #4

Re: Ideas for a local Type-in

Given this is an international forum it might be a long shot, but why not create a new topic in this sub-forum with the subject "Looking for typewriter enthusiasts in Orange County"? There might be a few people in your area that are members here, and if not, your request will still turn up in an internet search engine. 

Good luck, and please keep us posted as to your progress! 


10-1-2022 13:10:01  #5

Re: Ideas for a local Type-in

Great idea, I will and let me know if I did it right. thx

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20-1-2022 16:59:11  #6

Re: Ideas for a local Type-in

I noticed your new post as well, good luck!  I believe there was a recent event hosted in southern california by Bob Marshall of TypewriterMuse, and another dude out of Typewriter Connection.  Try contacting some local area shops, I know they'll have a good idea on who's into typewriters and who isn't.

I was just by a local type in in Evergreen Park, a suburb of Chicago.  Was a great event, good turnout, and was really just an event to have people by to look at typewriters and to mingle.  A couple bigger collectors were called down to chat with people about them.  I think the best part of a type-in is introducing new people to old things.

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